Thank you for visiting our online store! We’ve done away with our traditional online cart-based store and are focusing on mail orders to better serve our customers. You can also email or call us to place an order, and our brick and mortar shop is still in business in the Pike Place Market with the best staff in the world to help you find all of your magic needs for the last 45 years and counting! We will continue to send our featured products in our newsletter, which I encourage you to sign up for here so you don’t miss out on our favorite products:


Exclusive and Featured Products

  • The Book of Roving

    The Book of Roving

    by Sheila Lyon and Mark Sherman
  • Gypsies Go Roving

    Gypsies Go Roving

    by Sheila Lyon and Mark Sherman
  • Stand Up Divination

    Stand Up Divination

    By Diva and Marconi
  • Alexander Scrapbook Addendum

    Alexander Scrapbook Addendum

    By Darryl Beckmann
  • The 80s Called... They Want Their Magic Book Back Vol 1

    The 80s Called... They Want Their Magic Book Back Vol 1

    By Jonathan Friedman
  • Evaporation


    By Louie Foxx
  • Fire Wallet

    Fire Wallet

    By Trickmaster

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    3. We will send you the total and information on how you can pay with your preferred method, including shipping charges and any tax to be collected.
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